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In 2016, I did one of those life-changing things.  I went to Santa School.  And yes, Virginia, there is a Santa School, in fact, there are many Santa schools.  One of the most notable is the Charles H. Howard Santa School.  It has been in existence for over 80 years!  It is based in Midland, Michigan and each Fall hundreds of Santas and Mrs. Clauses from all across the United States and abroad attend.

Even though I was born two days before Christmas and was named Carol and was presented to my mother in a red felt stocking, I never aspired to be the North Pole icon.  

Eight years ago I began a three year project.  I made eight Christmas quilts, one for each of my children, my grandchildren, my mother and me.  The year the quilts were completed, I hosted a surprise party to present them. I made a costume to wear to the party which looked like something Mrs. Claus would wear.  

"What will you do with that outfit?" my sewing friends asked.

Stay tuned for that response!

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