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Official Release Date
is June 22, 2022.  
Thumb Fire Desire is available  on Amazon or Barnes & Noble 


In the Spring of 1881, indigent seamstress Ginny Dahlke arrives in one of the earliest Polish American settlements—Parisville, Michigan.

Deemed charmless and clunky by her mean-spirited sister-in-law, Ginny disparages her chance of securing love.

But sought-after widowed farmer, Peter Nickles is enamored by Ginny’s perseverance, her pioneer spirit and her inclusive acceptance of the indigenous peoples of Michigan.

Their fledging attraction and ultimate committal is challenged by the seductiveness of a buxom heiress with spun ringlets, a twisted story of an old-country betrothal and the largest natural disaster in Michigan’s history—The Great Thumb Fire of September 5, 1881.

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